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Epoxy handcrafted original designs games and decor for your styling and festive needs. Holiday decor and more. Great gift ideas

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  • Heart dream epoxy wall plaqe
  • Epoxy resin ashtrays
  • Jewelry tray epoxy creations
  • Savage tray mug set
  • Epoxy wall hanger/tray
  • Angels Elyte small and large
  • EBE Dominoes
  • Epoxy Christmas cookie tray
  • Tea light vase afo man and women
  • Epoxy afrocentric queen coaster sets
  • Lighted christmas decor
  • Flower/beauty trays
  • Epoxy coaster decor set
  • Epoxy bathroom decor sets
  • CHESS set with board deposit
  • Melinated epoxy serving trays